Window Cleaning

Unpredictable weather and harsh exposure to the elements the DFW Metroplex demands the best window washing services. The weather in Toronto is an example of extremes, Toronto has some of the harshest summers with incredibly hot temperatures and long dry spells.

The dry weather allows dirt (dust) to be picked up by the wind and carried around which eventually settles on your windows and seals. Pollen from plants also lands on your windows. The winter might be brief but North Toronto still gets cold and icy weather and your windows are left with water spots and damaged caulking.

  • Basic Window Cleaning Service
  • Post Construction Window Cleaning
  • Tracks
  • Mirrors
  • Chandeliers
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Fixtures
  • Skylights
  • Windbreaks & Patio
  • Glass Maintenance
  • Window Washing
  • Move out / Move in Window Cleaning
  • Rain Touch Ups

Window cleaning is a task that tends to get put off until the glass is heavy with hard water stains, dirt, calcium, and cobwebs.  As a window washer with over 20 years experience our company has learned the best way to clean windows.  Washing windows is a dangerous task and should be left to a professional  windows cleaner.

How to clean windows is really dependent on the individual window cleaner and how dirty the windows are and the nature of the dirt.  Sometimes just dust accumulates, other times pollutants can attach to the window and actually begin to pit the window pane itself.   Based on the nature of the dirt and grime on the glass window will determine the window cleaning recipe and window washing techniques used.

As a real window wizard you should know how to wash windows in any situation.  Over many years experience we have learned by practical experience the best way to clean windows.