DFW Gutter Repair, Dallas / Fort Worth | Plano | Frisco, TX


Gutter Repair

Your gutters when properly installed drain hundreds of gallons of water away from your home protecting it from water damage, mold, and insects that can eat and destroy your wood on your home. The water running off your roof runs down the side of your home and splashes dirt on to the siding, windows, doors and other parts of your home. Without a working gutter system your home is subject to water damage and dry rot. The expense of pressure washing your home will more expensive and be required more often.

Full Gutters

The most common repair to gutters is not a repair at all it is simply a good ‘ole gutter cleaning. Dirt, leaves, and particles for your shingles along with the occasional toy, tennis ball, baseball or other obstruction will need to be removed from your gutters. Debris will clog your gutters make them ineffective of diverting water away from your home.

Fascia Repair

Poorly installed or damaged gutters will destroy the wood on your home and the first signs of water damage caused from bad gutters is a rotten fascia board. Our handyman services crew can repair or replace your fascia. Bad or rotten fascia can not support your gutter system or the gutter nails will not hold and thus your gutters will become loose and leak.

Loose Gutters

Loose gutters are caused by fasteners working loose from the fascia board. If gutter nails were used, they may work loose from vibrations of moving water and wind. Gutter hangers can be used to alleviate this problem.

Leaking Gutters

In less you have seamless gutters your gutter system may be prone to leak at the joints of a sectional gutter system. Leaks are often caused from poorly installed gutters or damage to the gutter itself. Repairing gutters could be simply reconnecting the sections and applying gutter caulk. Other items such as drooping, sagging or bent gutters can cause leaks in those situations replacing an individual section of gutter may be needed.

Downspout Repair

Your gutter system should have downspouts on average every 10 feet, but most commonly gutter downspouts are installed at the corners of your home. If you find that your gutters are over-flowing when full that is a clear indication of a damaged downspout or the need to add more downspouts. In addition downspouts often get clogged with leaves, debris, birds nest, or some other form of blockage. Regular gutter cleaning can solve this problem.

Splash Blocks

A concrete pad or plastic pad should be placed at the base of each downspout, These splash pads stop the water from eroding away the dirt around the downspout and reduce the pooling of water that could damage your foundation of your house.

Drip Edge

Shingles should extend past the end of your roof a drip edge ( a galvanized or aluminum strip to support the shingle and add to the water protection of your home ) supports the shingle so it does not fold down allowing water to get behind your gutters. So if water is getting behind your gutters it may be a minor roof repair that is needed.