Clean Homes Sale & Rent Faster

Make-Ready Cleaning is the process of detail cleaning an empty or staged home with the entent to sale or rent the home. We can clean the entire inside and outside (Curb-Appeal) of your home or rental property.

Make Ready Cleaning

When you need a home, apartment, or business location cleaned so you can sale or rent the space make ready cleaning is the service you are looking for. Our workers will clean the interior of the space and you will be charged for the square footage of the area plus any “Variables” such as carpet steam cleaning, chandelier cleaning, window cleaning, ceiling fans, house cleaning services etc. Variables amount to anything that is no more than routine cleaning duties such as foreclosure clean up or trash out services.

The Make-Ready Basic Cleaning Includes:

Kitchen & Bathrooms:  Clean counter tops, sinks, stove-top, toilets, tubs, showers, mirrors.

All Rooms:  Remove Trash (within resonable amounts). Sweep and/or edge-vacuum baseboards. Clean floors (vacuum/sweep/mop). Dust doors & windowsills.
Vacuum-clean inside of all cabinets and drawers.

We provide the cleaning supplies.

Optional Variables (according to your needs)

  • Clean Microwave, add $5-$10 (depending upon how dirty)
  • Clean Oven, add $40-$80 (depending upon how dirty)
  • Clean Refrigerator (must be empty), add $40-80 (depending upon how dirty)
  • Dry dust blinds/shutters, add $2-$5 per average size window (depending upon how dirty)
  • Dry dust ceiling fans, add $2-$5 per fan (depending upon how dirty)
  • Clean cabinet surfaces in kitchen, add $15-$50 (depending upon amount of cabinets and how dirty)
  • Clean cabinet surfaces in bathroom, add $5-$15 per bathroom (depending upon how dirty)
  • Clean scuffs on walls or woodwork, add $5-$10 per room (depending upon how dirty)